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SMDC CAS:137-42-8

  • Package   200KGS/DRUM
  • CAS   137-42-8
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Product Name: SMDC
Synonyms: sodium n-methylaminodithioformate;SODIUM METHYL DITHIOCARBAMATE;Sodium monomethyldithiocarbamate;SMDC;SMDC(R);N869(R);TRIMATON(R);VPM(R)
CAS: 137-42-8
MW: 129.18
EINECS: 205-293-0
Product Categories: Alpha sort;H-MAlphabetic;M;META - METH;Pesticides&Metabolites
Mol File: 137-42-8.mol
Metham sodium Chemical Properties
storage temp.  APPROX -18°C
Water Solubility  72.2 g/100 mL at 20 ºC
CAS DataBase Reference 137-42-8(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry System Carbamodithioic acid, methyl-, monosodium salt(137-42-8)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes  C;N,N,C
Risk Statements  22-31-34-50/53-43
Safety Statements  26-36/37/39-45-60-61
RTECS  FC2100000
HazardClass  6.1(b)
PackingGroup  III
Hazardous Substances Data 137-42-8(Hazardous Substances Data)
Metham sodium Usage And Synthesis
General Description A yellow to light yellow-green aqueous solution with an odor of amine and sulfur that varies in intensity. Boiling point 230°F. Metham sodium has a specific gravity of 1.162. Metham sodium will decompose upon dilution to carbon disulfide, monomethylamine, methylisothiocyanate, and hydrogen sulfide. The decomposition products are flammable and toxic. The acute symptoms of exposure to metam sodium are excessive salivation, sweating, fatigue, weakness, nausea, headache, dizziness, eye and respiratory tract irritation, and skin irritation in the form of rashes. The spillage of a rail car tanker of metal sodium into the Sacramento River caused a major fish kill (over a million trout) along several miles of that river.
Air & Water Reactions Slow reaction upon dilution produces toxic gases hydrogen sulfide and methylisothiocyanate. This reaction is accelerated by the addition of acid.
Usage  Agrochemical

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